Managed Services

Picture this: you are a business owner with multiple computers operating in your system. Your employees are too busy with their work to pay any attention to a software update, an old hard drive. And suddenly, as you’re working on a big project, your computer completely shuts down.

Our Management service is designed specifically for business owners who simply can’t afford to lose time or money to a faulty operating system. Always on the watch, our technicians provide 24/7 observation over your systems, so they know about the problem before you have to. If an error comes up, they are notified immediately and act proactively to ensure your computer doesn’t create unneeded stress or downtime.

So how does it work? The system we use allows us to install an agent onto your system that connects it to our console, which lists every computer you have working for you, as well as it’s status. This agent reads your computer’s information off of a system log, and the moment it sees a mistake, it immediately notifies one of our workers via email. As soon as any issue, or even a potential one comes up, the agent automatically lets us know where the problem is. From there, we can access your computer system from our own, and fix whatever the problem may be. Not only does this eliminate all worry regarding the systems on your part, but also unnecessary money spent on hiring a service manager.

This service focuses on all it can do to make your systems run smoother. It addresses various processes intended for computer maintenance, such as temp file cleanup and disk defragmentation. It monitors anti-virus software, and checks that it is up to date, protecting your computer to its fullest potential. It even takes the extra step most people simply forget to by updating web browsers and programs such as Java and Adobe Flash. Most importantly, our Management Service performs major backup monitoring, preserving all of your computer’s data and files, so that in case of a hard drive crash, it can be quickly restored.

We will make sure that your windows systems are updated to the fullest extent, maximizing and guaranteeing system security. We will keep track of programs such as Disk Defragmenter, ensuring that they are efficiently increasing your access speed. We will also make sure that Temp File Cleanup is truly doing its job at improving performance.