Doug B. San Francisco, CA

Vladimir is a very helpful guy! He met me right away and offered free advice on how to fix my computer. He looked at my laptop and found the part in about 20 seconds on Amazon. I asked him how much to pay for his advice and he just said write a positive Yelp review. So here it is.

The shop’s a little hard to find: it’s behind the parking kiosk at the Washington St entrance to the Hilton Hotel parking garage.

Immediately after leaving, I forgot my keys and phone (wow, I’m dumb), and no sooner than I realized this, at that same moment Vladimir rushed out to find me. He just laughed and shook his head, and we parted ways.

Thanks, Vladimir!!! Highly recommended.

Craig F. San Francisco, CA

I found 911PC Help on Craigslist. Seven years ago. I would like to say that I use them all the time, but I can’t. Once they set you up or do something for you, it stays done. Just like it should.

I run a small business with multiple PC’s and tech challenges, so I do have occassion to interact with them, usually to add or upgrade something. Vladimir even answers my questions about my Mac, which I kinda ask just to give him a hard time and try to stump him, but he always comes back with the solution. In fact, I was so impressed with Vladimir when I first started using him years ago that I introduced him to a friend who runs a big business. Now 911PC Help has an office at that business and is the in-house technical staff for PC’s, WANs, proprietary software, and the author of an incredible surveilance system.

These guys are also an amazing source for hardware. A few years ago I was convinced that Dell was the best deal out there so I upgraded many of my PC’s only to have Vladimir come to install them and show me what he could have gotten me instead: the same PC’s with better specs at a lower price. When I was hesitant to commit to a new system because it required a very expensive dedicated server, he found me a slightly used server for about a third of what the new one cost.

I’m writing this review, finally, after recently hearing friends complain about IT flakes and nightmares. As I look back, I have been really spoiled. Vlad and his crew are highly skilled, reliable, and responsive. And fairly resonable. I guess you can’t really ask for anythying more than that.